Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby no more. Kit turns two!

A birthday treat: Holding a pen while drinking milk on the morning of his birthday.
[I wrote a letter to Kai when he turned two. Here's one for Kit on his birthday.]

Dear Kit,

We knew what we were expected to do the day you were born. What we weren't sure of, is what you'd be like as a baby. Your big brother was a difficult baby; would you be the same?

You are a happy baby, who loves to giggle. We marveled at how easy it was to take care of you. Then you became a toddler and we found out how fiery and fierce you can get, but yet you continued to make us laugh. You love holding two objects, one in each hand. You chew up fruits, and spits them back out. (You don't anymore, which is why we have reintroduced apples to your diet.)

And what I really, really, really love about you is your smile. It lights up my heart every single day. And every night you say good night to me by wrapping your arms around me and snuggling your little head on my shoulders.

Your temper tantrums and passion for getting into fights really drive me up the wall. But for you, and for Kai, I'll willingly take both the good and the bad.

Happy second birthday, Kit. We love you.

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Anup Sadi said...

Love is life.


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