Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Better late than never

We have been traveling...
Firstly, I'll like to say a BIG SORRY to everyone who's been following my blog and to fellow bloggers who have dropped me questions about my Angry Birds pinata. Many of you may not even know I've posted this (sorry, sorry, sorry!), and I don't blame you.

It was dear husband who gave me a kick in butt yesterday for not updating or checking my blog for the past six months. I've missed out six months of chronicling my boys' life, which is why I created the blog in the first place -- as a legacy for them. The blog is something they can read when they grow up so that they will never forget their childhood.

Before I give an update of we have been up to, I'll just like to reply:
- MackMomma who asked me where I bought my Pentel poster paints for the Angry Birds pinata: Pentel paints can be bought from any regular stationery shop, at least in Singapore. I am not sure where you are from (and I think my reply might be too late... :( ), but why not check out any stationery or art supply store near you.

- Hani from Craftionary who has been so wonderful by featuring my pinata on her site. Thank you! :)

- d.marie who asked how I attached the beak to the pinata:
I folded in the yellow cardboard paper, cut grooves in them, and stuck them to the pinata with double-sided tape.

- Crystal who asked where I bought the Angry Birds thermos:
I bought them from a shop in Singapore but they have since closed down. I am sorry I can't help you there. I hope you found the cups or something else that you liked eventually....

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