Wednesday, October 07, 2009

And now we are a party of four!

Kit arrived on 22 September 2009 at 7.10pm.

Just that same morning, we met with the gynae and it was agreed that we would get him out on 24 September--one day before his EDD. I was experiencing the usual Braxton Hicks, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I wanted to check out the Iluma mall in Bugis so off we went after the gynae appointment. Right after I bought tickets for the movie, the "Inglorious Basterds", and settled down in the cinema, the contractions started becoming more painful. We debated whether to leave the theatre many times through out the show, but I really wanted to know the ending!

We finished the movie and rushed to the hospital. Luckily we made it in time because very soon after, Kit arrived. Any later and I wouldn't be able to get my epidural; he arrived after a one-two hour labor. I was dilated 2cm one minute and before we knew it, it was 8cm.

I guess I got my wish for a birth experience that was unplanned. Kai was induced so I knew exactly what was going to happen. This time, there was uncertainty, excitement, pain, tears, and of course the joy that came with the first cry.

And now, it's the beginning of Kit's journey on earth.


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Yassharee said...

nice blog you have here... i enjoy it...

Khay Mun said...

Thanks! :-)

anupriya said...

lots of love to the new member of ur family!!!

dor said...

Congratulations Khay!


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