Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The terrible twos. It's upon us already?!

For the past five years of sending Kai to childcare, I never once received any complaint from teachers about his behavior. He is a sweet, gentle boy who gets scratched/bitten/shoved, not one who scratches/bites/shoves.

Kit has been going to playschool in the same center for only about six months now. Yet in this short six months, I can't believe the amount of feedback (or rather polite admonishment) I have received from the teachers about my feisty 23.5mo. Here's the latest: He scratched three (or was it four) boys in his class today and threw toys at another. A few weeks back, he fought with the biggest boy in his class and won(!). And as if that wasn't enough, he saw two classmates fighting (presumably over a toy) and decided to join in the fun.

Good grief.

There are some days where I feel like throwing my hands in the air, look up to the sky, and say: "Why me?" Yup. This is one of them.

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