Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nature's scrapbook

The 'tree' that I created, with Kai's help, using bark rubbing, leaves, and photographs as my backdrop.
Last month, I blogged about a project that I would be doing for Canon PIXMAtown, and I am so pleased to say that my little craft work has gone live on the site!

Basically, I was tasked to create a scrapbook using the Canon PIXMA MG8270 All-In-One Photo Printer and write a step-by-step how-to guide. I was half scared to death when I got the brief because scrapbooking is serious business, and this would be my first attempt at scrapbooking. I remembered visiting a scrapbook supplies store before and was overwhelmed by the equipment, the tools, and the prettiness of everything that's sold in the store. How would my DIY scrapbook compare?!

But everything just fell in place after I did some research and thought about the theme for my scrapbook. It also helped that Canon has a great creative resource for scrapbookers online. And I was impressed by the quality of the print. I wanted the backdrop of my scrapbook to stand out, so I took photographs of the sky and of a nice patch of grass. This explains why I have been staring at the sky lately. And thanks to the prints, my photographs really did stand out.

Kai cut part of the 'grass' for the background.

The best part is that Kai had fun helping with the scrapbook, and I was surprised at his cutting skills. I wasn't sure if he could create a convincing silhouette of the grass, but he did! (I helped by drawing the lines for him.)

Read my how-to guide for this Nature's Scrapbook here.

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