Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My 4.5yo

My 4.5yo loves trucks. Railway trucks to be exact. When he was two, we brought him to the "A Day Out With Thomas" show and though he wasn't talking much yet, he was blabbering with excitement when he saw Thomas' Troublesome Trucks in 'real life'.

He never outgrew his passion for railway trucks though he has fleeting love affairs with an engine once in a while. (The current favorite is Hiro.) He loves filling up his trucks with tiny stones and other whatnots he finds outside, and shunts them around on his Thomas tracks.

So imagine his delight when he saw REAL coal trucks^ on display in Blue Mountains. He examined the couplings. He stared at the wheels. He sat outside a mine entrance and stared and asked a thousand and one questions about the exhibit inside the tunnel (which features a mine worker and his tools).

He attempted to take pictures of a truck^.

Another attempt^.

He asked Terence to take pictures of the wheels^.

And the trucks^.

If childhood ambition doesn't change with time, I would say he's sure to become a railway engineer. And I love how steadfast he is with his passion; it's another thing about him that makes Kai, Kai.

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