Friday, November 26, 2010

Road trip snacking and its consequences

When you have two young children, going on long road trips can be a really stressful affair. You have to pack lots of snacks, plan stops, include an entertainment device for older kids, and most importantly bring a sense of humor.

During our recent holiday in Sydney and surrounding areas, our road trips can be as long as 4 hours. I have a 14mo toddler who can't usually sit still for more than 5 minutes on a normal day and a 4yo who hasn't been on long road trips for quite a while so I wasn't sure how he'd take to it.

Snacks (lots and lots) and cartoons loaded on the iPad saved my sanity.

But our rental car suffered dreadfully. I lifted up Kai's booster seat to find a treasure trove of crumbs that can keep a nest of hungry roaches pretty happy for a lifetime. In addition to crumbs, I found pebbles that Kai picked up during our stops.

As well as rotting blueberries and dried up blueberry skin.

I am pretty sure the cleaner from the rental car company found even bigger horrors after we returned the car. What would they think! Which horrible family with terrible manners sat here? I certainly don't treat my car like this back home, but when you are on long road trips and you are always getting in and out of the car, lugging heavy luggages out of the boot while trying to keep an eye on two boys, sometimes feeding young toddler in a moving car, something's got to give.

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