Thursday, January 06, 2011

A 15mo's blog entry

Dear Mummy,

Baby toys are so 'yesterday'. I am a big boy now, and I deserve better. So please do not ply me with things like a toy phone. It has no real dial tones, no speed dial, no volume control, and no voice messages to delete. And don't try to fool me with cordless phones that don't function either. I know they don't work. Big BOY is watching; there will be consequences.

So when I insist on jumping on a stack of CDs, for instance, let me do what I wish. When I want to open that bottle of calendula cream and walk around the house with the cap in my right hand and the bottle in my left hand, let me have my way.

Or else, as gor gor Kai would say: "If you don't listen to me, I won't give you my stickers."

Love, your son Tan Kit

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