Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anxiously waiting for...

The weather was cold and the sky was grey when we arrived at The Train Shed, but that didn't bother Kai at all. For all intends and purposes, the whole objective for our trip to Australia this year was so that he could ride on Thomas and his friends at the miniature railway. He was the sunniest person that grey, grey day; it was such a joy to watch him.

The miniature trains at The Train Shed probably made the cartoon characters come alive for him. Here's Kai anxiously waiting for his last ride on....

Toby! I thought he might pick Thomas again or ride on James, another main Thomas and Friend character, but he chose the adorable and silly steam tram instead. My sweet, sweet boy is a sentamentalist. (Toby is the only steam tram on the Fat Controller's railway, and he's really old.)

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