Saturday, May 10, 2008

A day out with Thomas

Kai loves Thomas the Tank Engine, so on the third day in Melbourne we made a day trip to the Dandenong ranges to ride on the Puffing Billy--a working steam engine.

It was an extra surprise that it coincided with the annual "A Day Out With Thomas" show, where kids and adults alike will get to ride *gasp* on Thomas. AND *gasp* take pictures with the Fat Controller, and see how a turntable works.

I didn't think we could still get tickets, but we were really lucky. It was the second last show for the season, and it will only return in Summer (i.e. end of the year). I think he would enjoy it a lot more if he is older, but it was still a nice day out for us. Plus the event ground had its own fair ground, which included a free petting zoo.

He had a blast there, and probably enjoyed chasing the geese and ducks more than the ride on Thomas. It was quite hilarious as he kept wanting to sit down in the midst of the ducks so he could touch them, but they kept running away.

It was a huge strain on my back as he was so anxious to pet the rabbits too, and he wasn't tall enough to reach them. So acrobatics on mummy's part was required.

But... he ended up with a high fever (39+ degree celsius) on the ride home in the late afternoon. Happily enough, our little monkey bounced back to life after a dose Voltaren and a good night sleep. No fever thereafter on the trip.

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