Friday, November 19, 2010

Summer in Jervis Bay

Australia's Jervis Bay is the kind of place that is beautiful, charming, and atmospheric even on a cold, rainy day. It is the kind of place which I wish is just an hour's drive away so that I could--any time I want--go canoeing with Kai, explore rock pools with the boys, and just be the only family playing on the beach.

When I read about Jervis Bay two months ago, I knew it was a place we would enjoy as a family. But we were plagued by a cold spell when we arrived about two weeks ago. It was cold, the sky was overcast most of the time, and worst, it rained on our second day there. So most of what we wanted to do in Jervis Bay was cramped into the third day, which thankfully stayed mildly sunny though the wind was chilling.

It explains why we were decked out in our sweaters and long pants at Chinaman's Beach in Jervis Bay; it wasn't a good time to bring out the bikinis and swim shorts. And it certainly didn't feel like summer!

We arrived at Chinaman's Beach by accident; we originally wanted to go to Hyams Beach, which reportedly has one of the whitest sands in the world, but we weren't quite sure which stretch of the beach it is. But no one minded. We all had a lovely time, and there were so much to see and explore.

There were plenty of rock pools to peer in to see if any fishes or sea creatures had been trapped when the tide ebbed.

We could walk among the corals and seaweeds.

And find creatures we have never seen before in our entire life.

The only sign of spring/summer were the wild flowers blooming on the beach.

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