Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sailing life's ocean

Smooth sailing. How I wish everyday could be like this for Kai.
Funny how a mother's day can swing from stinky (like not having any time for a shower till after the kids sleep) to super stinky. I blame social media. After a trying session of helping my 5yo kid, who's struggling to read, I checked in on Facebook and coincidentally, some friends were showing just how well their 5/6yos are reading. That's when my heart sunk right to the bottom (I don't think it even hit any bottom since a mother's love is suppose to be a bottomless pit).

Through Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and other cool apps, you share victories with your friends and families. You share tears. You share once in a lifetime moments. You share fears.

I fear for my son. I am afraid of the burden called life that he has to carry. Truth is, I don't know for sure if Kai is dyslexic even if the experts hinted that he could be. Why should I even label him; I'd rather believe that he would come into his own at his own pace. Yet a (selfish?) part of me knows it'd be easier to 'explain things' if he is indeed dyslexic.

Husband thinks I am an emotional worry wort. (Well, everyone's got someone strange in the family right?) But I am a mother. I wish life would be smooth sailing for my children. Since that's not going to happen, then I guess I'd just have to teach him how to sail life's ocean.

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