Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Mr Turtle, and other fishing friends

Kai has been pretending to be a fisherman lately using a make-belief fishing pole made with a yoyo tied to a train track. And after reading Joel Henriques' fantastic blog, made by joel, I was inspired to make a fishing pole and a few fishes for him to play fishing with.

Mine looked nothing like Joel's fishing set of course, which looked like it came straight out of an expensive toy store. (Joel is a professional artist!) I had to work with whatever materials I can find in the house like unused chopsticks, sewing thread, paper clip, and fridge magnets etc. And since I involved Kai in almost every step of the way, you can expect things to look, well, unfinished. I drew a few fishes and a turtle for Kai to color in. Then he drew a turtle on his own, which looked really adorable!

I asked him what kind of faces he wanted on them (e.g. angry, happy).

When everything's done, we went fishing together.

He loved the small starfish I made for him so much that he refused to let me fish it!


Cory said...

Nice! tks for sharing!

Khay Mun said...

No problem. Share some of your creations when you are done!


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