Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Ninjago Piñata: Making 'piñata man'

So Kai wants a Ninjago piñata for his sixth birthday, which has proved to be a challenging task thus far. My plan is to make the frame using straws, wrap it with cling wrap (or Saran Wrap in the US), and paper-mache it.

We call him "pinata man".
Using bendy straws and some sticky tape, I made the frame. It was a little challenging getting the proportions right and making sure the straws go where you want them but I now learned that this was the easiest part of the project!

On retrospect, I could put straws across the body to keep the shape. I didn't initially because I wasn't sure if I could pull most/all the straws and cling wrap out of the paper-mache when it's completed. If I had straws across the body, it would have helped maintain the shape better. Now my ninja man is skinnier than I originally wanted, which is an absolute bummer.

Before I started the paper-mache process, the frame is as tall as Kai!


Florence said...

Dying to know how this turned out??? And how long it took you? My son wants the same thing for his b-day next weeklend:)

Growing Up said...

Hi Florence! :) Here's how the pinata looked like:

It took me about five nights to put together. It should be faster if you have uninterrupted time. And instead of five layers which I did, you could reduce the layers to about three. But if the children are eight years or older, three might not be challenging enough. Good luck with the pinata, and I hope to see it on your blog too. :)


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