Friday, August 24, 2007

What can I eat huh?

SPOILER ALERT. Please read the entry "Kena S**!"(below this) first.
# # #

(Thursday morning; United Square)
Truu truu...

Terence: Hello

Khay: Hello. Oi, can I eat chilli not? I feel like eating Nasi Lemak.

Terence: Up to you. I don't know how you feel. If you feel ok, then eat lor.

Khay: You doctor leh!

Terence: OK lah, you cannot eat chilli for up to one month!

Khay: Oi! What kind of doctor are you? Ok lah, don't disturb you.
# # #

(Friday morning; United Square)
I ate chee cheong fun with chilli cos I feel ok already.

Then, the whole day, I kept running to toilet. State of matter: No solids; everything came down like rain.

(Later that day; at the new gelato joint in United Square)
Truu truu...

Terence: Yup

Khay: Can eat ice cream not?

Terence: No!

(One minute later)
Khay texts: Can eat sherbert not?

No reply from Terence.
# # #

This blog entry is based on actual events, and characters' names have not been changed though direct quotes have been modified to make the events more realistic to readers. The actual characters do NOT speak like that in real life.


Joy said...

Aiyo poor you. I've never had food poisoning like that. I hope Kai doesn't inherit this tendency :) Don't eat anything lah. Then sure OK.

Khay Mun said...

I've starved myself over many days. Quite fed up of going to the toilet. Finally, it ended yesterday after one final "do" in the office car park. Perhaps it's got to do with the medication Terence finally bought me.



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