Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Next piñata project: Ninjago

Kai's birthday is round the corner, and he's wants another piñata. The shape of the piñata changes from time to time, depending on what he's crazy about for the moment. It started off with Beyblade, then Animal Kaiser, and now that we are finalizing the design, he's finally decided that he wants a Ninjago theme for his birthday.

Samurai X: Nya is the only female ninja in the Lego Ninjago series
For the uninitiated, Ninjago (or Lego Ninjago to be exact) is a line of products from Lego based on the ninja theme. Now, look at the Ninjago character (pictured above) that Kai wants for his piñata.

Great. My initial reaction to his decision was: OMG, I-am-so-dead-and-there-goes-my-sleep-and-what-the-*bleep*?! Last year I kind of had it easy because Kai wanted an Angry Bird piñata, and all I needed was a ballon. Even a Beyblade or Animal Kaiser card piñata would be easy given that they are both regular-shaped items. For this, he doesn't just want the ninja's face; he wants the works.

Samurai X unmasked. Kai wants a male version of Samurai X (aka Nya), whose elder brother, is fire ninja Kai!
Yep. The works, including the helmet and the armor.

After a few days, I finally figured out in my head how I'd get the basic shape up. Everything's in theory at the moment so I guess I will have to adapt and figure things out along the way.

All I can say is stay tuned for more crazy developments. In the mean time, how about suggesting how many layers I should make this time? I did eight the last time, and it took a long time before the bird would give up its goodies. I don't want it too thin such that the piñata breaks after two whacks as well. So... four, five, six layers?

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