Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Ninjago Piñata: wrapping up (and stuffing?) piñata man

After making the frame, the next step is to wrap the frame with cling wrap. This process was really most time consuming and frustrating, and this was when I learned that I really should have secured straws horizontally across the body to maintain the shape (width wise). This was how I ended up with a pinata man that was skinnier than I originally planned; every time I pulled the cling wrap to tighten it, pinata man gets skinnier. (URGH!)

In my mind, I thought the cling wrap would remain taut when wrapped around the frame but that wasn't the case. The cling wrap would sink, and I knew it would sink even more after I place wet paper-mache on top.

That's where the tissue and plastic shoe boxes came in. (Make sure you use empty tissue boxes so you can turn your project around/over without tearing the cling wrap.) Placed inside pinata man, the boxes supported the cling wrap and prevented them from sinking. But the boxes couldn't support the entire surface of the structure (e.g. corners), which meant I ended up with an uneven paper-mache surface. (More URGHS!)

I also learned that it's best to put the paper-mache on by sections (e.g. head), cover that section with the desired layers of paper-mache, let that section dry first before removing the box support inside, and then move on to the next section (e.g. torso). When you reach the final section, leave a panel at the side open (i.e. without paper-mache). Once everything has dried up, pull out your straw frame through the panel. The cling wrap should come out together. Then seal up the panel with paper-mache.

I like the next part of the process the most: painting pinata man!

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