Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kai's Angry Birds Birthday Party: It's party time!

Balloons galore! Great for decorating the place and they served as gifts for the children too.

Ideas for Kai's Angry Birds birthday party were put together/executed over a course of two weeks. It started with the invitation card featuring part of Kai's Angry Birds army in the Melaka hotel room. (The price tag of the white bird in Ringgit was still attached in the photo.)

Invitation card (front)

Invitation card (back)

Kai's friends may bring their own Angry Birds plush toys. I'm not sure how many did, but there were some birds flying around and rolling on the floor that day.

From the top: Ian, Kai, Josh (seated and unsure what the rest were doing), and Joshua (Photo courtesy of Eva Wong).

Including boys rolling on the floor pretending to be birds that had fallen off after hitting their targets (in this case, the pinata).

For goody bags to give away to the children at the party, I bought Angry Birds thermos cups which contained Angry Birds erasers and a (non-Angry Birds) sharpener. No sweets in this goody bag because the children would be getting them from the pinata!

Children had to hunt for the Angry Birds' stolen eggs placed all around the living room. (Terence had to quickly place 40 bouncy balls in the room while I briefed the children on their mission.) They could keep their 'eggs' at the end of the game.

Thomas and Friends were around to entertain the kids too, thought he's definitely not part of the theme. A toddler-size battery-operated Thomas was available to take children on a ride. And going a full-circle around the pillar/refrigerator in the living room was also...

A train track that Terence so patiently built before the party. It was totally destroyed by the boys mid-way through the event.

Coloring of Angry Birds, however, was not so well received. All of them were too busy running around and keeping their little mouths busy with goodies they have created using the...

The birthday boy had a go at the chocolate fountain before his guests arrived.

How was it? Definitely yummy, judging by the smear on his face.

Chocolate fountain! There were marshmallows, biscuits, colorful candy sprinkles, and fruits to choose from.

And what's a party without balloons? We had balloons in colors that represented all the Angry Birds and pigs. They entertained the kids pretty too. So it didn't matter that we only had one party game. There were lots of things to keep the children busy.


K Leong Ong said...

Hi, would you mind telling me where did you get those Angry Bird cups? Did you see bigger ones, I'm from Malaysia btw

Khay Mun said...

Hi! I bought them from Kallang Leisure Park, a shopping centre in Singapore. There is a shop there called My Sweet Melody ( They were selling water bottles of a bigger size but not thermos cup of a bigger size. Hope this helps. Good luck.

K Leong Ong said...

Well, Thanks. I'm sure I should find it the next trip I visit Singapore. The bottles are fine too, cause I saw they're selling bigger thermos flasks in KL. Thanks for the info and the website. =)

Khay Mun said...

No problem. :) Best to call ahead before you head down just to make sure they have what you want. From what I understand, they are only carrying Angry Birds paraphernalia for a limited period of time because so many people are crazy about them now.

::- DrEaMeRs -:: said...

Hi, how much is one of the angry bird thermo cups?

Khay Mun said...

Hi! I can't remember exactly how much it was, but it was definitely below S$10. Around S$8+ maybe?

Crystal said...

Where did you get the Angry Birds thermos cups?


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