Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting crafty at the museum

We wanted to visit the Istana during its open house on August 30 (to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa), but the queue to enter the Istana snaked all the way to the office complex two blocks down! We were in the car, and stared in disbelief at the crowd waiting patiently to enter the Istana. Kai was a little upset at being denied a visit to "see Singapore's president" yet again, but we didn't have a choice. I am not going to wait one/two hours just so I can visit its gardens. Lucky for us, the National Museum of Singapore is just round the corner and since entry is free for Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents for the month of August, it was our way of salvaging the outing for the boys.

Contemplating what goes on his box.
There was a live art exhibit (in conjunction with Singapore's national day on August 9) where visitors could draw their dreams and aspirations for Singapore on a box die cut, punch out the die cut, fold it, and place it in a designated corner of the museum.

Kai wants a bright future for Singapore!
Kai wanted to draw the Singapore flag; he had help from Terence.

Kai getting increasingly annoyed with Kit, who was stopping mummy from helping him with folding the box.
I helped him with folding the box, with no help from Kit who only wanted to tear and destroy.

He then gingerly placed his box on the exhibit.

There! Kai is officially part of the museum's 'art history'.

We then had a well-deserved lunch break at Novus, a cafe at the museum which we all enjoyed immensely. (Doesn't Terence's face say it all?)

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