Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New lease of life

When we got married, I knew Terence had a stack of comic books which he read and collected in his teens. Every time we moved, we brought them along. They were a big part of Terence's life and I always thought that, maybe one day, I will read them too. But they were never a priority and over the years, they were left lonely, dusty, waiting for our next move.

Up until Kai developed this major appetite for every thing and any thing to do with X-Men, Spider-Man, and Captain America. So the comics had a second chance in life, and Kai was thrilled to inherit his daddy's comics collection! I am reading Spider-Man's Perception series of comics to Kai.

And Terence put together the X-Tinction Agenda (for X-Factor) comics, which he thought were the best, for my reading pleasure.

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