Monday, October 13, 2008

Breakfast at the museum

The weekend would come around and my mind would go into a haze. We like to expose Kai to as many interesting things as possible, and so we're always cracking our brains over what to do. Terence suggested going to the National Museum over the weekend and it was such a success that it's going into one of my "weekend to dos".

Breakfast at the spacious, ^airy, well-lit Novus cafe turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The last time I was there was for lunch with Eva and it was newly launched. It only had a paltry sandwich menu and the serving was so sad that it left me hungry. They have, however, expanded their offering since then and everything that we ordered was in good portion and yummylicious!

I ordered a chicken pie under duress (Kai insisted) while Terence had a carbonara. The pie crust turned out to be surprisingly soft and flaky, and the filling was moist and packed with chicken and came with an egg! YUM. Kai sabo-ed me and clamored for pasta in the end, which was YUM too.

But buyers beware the pricing of the drinks. If my reactions could be recorded, it'd read:

Muffin. S$4,50.
Latte. S$6.00.
Orange juice. S$9.00.
Reaction. Priceless.
I don't know what possessed Terence to agree to buying Kai an orange juice. This is what kids do you, I guess.

We ended the cultural morning by visiting two photo exhibits. Kai enjoyed the place tremendously; he just liked the fact that there were plenty of space for him to run around. So all in all, the museum is quite a good option for a lazy weekend morning!

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