Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walking on petals

This is bad. I thought with me quitting the corporate rat race for now and staying home with the boys (while doing copy writing on the side) would give me more time to blog. But plans for each day fill up very quickly and by the time I have time to myself, the last thing I want to do is to switch on my MacBook again to write.

This has resulted in a backlog of photos in my Canon S90, and a tsk-tsking husband who yesterday pointed out that my last blog entry was on March 30.

How is it to keep my corporate high heels in cold storage for a while in exchange for flip flops/birkenstock shoes? Opting for streetwear over office garb? And wearing Kit-drool on my shoulders instead of Chanel Mademoiselle on my neck?

Strange. Some days it can get mundane and I long for adult company. Terence is sweet and meets me for lunch dates when he can. Some days it get frantic when I have to juggle copy deadlines with the boys' schedule.

On some days, it's nice to see things I wouldn't get to see since I was pretty much stuck in the office/traffic/meetings every day in the past. Two weeks ago, Kai's secret path was carpeted with fallen flowers from trees whose branches were also pregnant with light pink and lavender blooms. I didn't have my camera with my but the iPhone pretty much captured the pink and purple hue of the petals.

It feels lovely holding my 3yo's little hands and walking on petals for a change.

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