Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here's looking at you kid! *Ribbit*

The only frog I've seen up close are the fried frog legs sitting on a plate. Cooked or not cooked, I keep them at an arm's length. It was the sight of the sad amphibians sitting in their tanks at zi-cha stores that halted all my desire for frog legs when I was a teen, FOR GOOD.

But I never knew there was a frog farm in Singapore, so you could say it was with morbid curiosity that made me join Kai for his school excursion to the Jurong Frog Farm.

When the time came to pet the bullfrog, Kai was understandably scared. But I wanted him to step out of his comfort zone. So what did I do? Yes. I touched the frog to show him that there is NOTHING to be afraid of.

My brain was screaming "NOO! You're mad, woman. You're mad!!!" But I heard myself saying, "See Kai, there's NOTHING to be afraid of." Maybe he saw the scrunched up, lousy attempt of a smile on my face and said: "NO!"

It was his teacher who finally got him to pet the frog. He was a lot braver than me. He actually touched the frog with four fingers. I only touched the frog with one fingertip.

Jurong Frog Farm
56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6

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