Friday, April 16, 2010

Urban Bites

Tabbouleh--a salad comprising parsley, crushed wheat, onion, tomato, and fresh mint in lemon juice and olive olive

Since it's Friday (and mid-afternoon at that), I think it's most appropriate to blog about food. It helps you plan for Friday date-nights and weekend meals. These images have been sitting in my camera for weeks, and looking at them sets my salivary glands into action again.

Mixed grill--smokey, tender kebabs. YUM.

With a name like Urban Bites, you wouldn't have guessed that it is a Lebanese restaurant. It is located in Telok Ayer street (diagonally opposite the Thian Hock Keng Chinese Temple), right smack in one of Singapore's busiest business districts. We went there on a Saturday afternoon which meant we didn't have to fight with the usual office crowd and get frustrated trying to look for parking.

I'm not too hot about the Tabbouleh (S$7.50), as chewing a mouthful of parsley was just too much for my palate. But if you stuff it in the Lebanese bread (3pcs for S$2.50), it can be quite refreshing.

We both loved the mixed grill (S$22.50), which feeds two people very nicely. It is a plate of lamb, chicken, and beef kebab served with saffron rice and salad. The kebabs were smokey, tender, juicy. *thumbs up*

Some people thought the service wasn't great, but I don't have any complaints. Perhaps because I went on a weekend and so they weren't as busy? Or (as a newcomer to the restaurant scene) they have finally ironed out some teething issues? I don't know, but I'll definitely go back again if I have a meat craving.

Urban Bites
123 Telok Ayer Street
(It seems they open daily; 11am-2.30pm; 6pm-9.45pm)


A particular fashionista said...

I love the tabouleh. I especially love it when I combine it with the hummus spread and eat it with the Lebanese bread! Yummm!! Maybe on your next visit, you can give this combo a try :-)
BTW, the have a facebook page "urban bites Mediterranean".

Khay Mun said...

Thanks for the tip! :-) I'll do just that the next time.


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