Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The secret path

Our secret path

When we first moved into our current apartment, I told Kai that there is "a secret path" that leads him to school. It's actually a short cut that takes one behind a row of bungalows and alongside a huge drain.

A new leaf unfurling

It isn't exactly a 'secret' since quite a lot of people from our estate use it. But being far removed from the main road and with so many interesting things to see along the way, Kai really see it as his own special, secret path.

On some days, we would pretend that there is tiger after us or a boulder rolling behind us. On other days, he would tell me what he sees floating in the drain (leaves, leaves, and more leaves). It's always fun to point out things to him along the way and listen to his make-believes. And he finds what we adults would normally see as the mundane or boring, interesting. To us, a pipe's just a pipe. But to Kai, a small pipe brings water to the big drain and has rats living in them.

I'll loathe the day he sees a pipe as just another pipe.

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