Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chubby baby

Met a lady in the lift yesterday morning who couldn't resist saying "Good morning!" to Kai. She asked if he's breastfed. When I said no, she went on to say the model answer: "But he's so CHUBBY!"

Do breastfed babies tend to be chubbier than formula-fed ones? I thought it's normally the other way round.

This is not the first time I've received comments like this. It's nice to know that people generally think he's cute--because he's a chubby baby. But I always feel funny--my baby is cute because he is overweight?

Would it be different if I had continued breastfeeding him? I think I'll always have misgivings about that.

Having said that, he's on track (in terms of the milestones for gross motor skills) despite what the doctor said about heavier babies developing slower. He can turn from supine to prop himself up on his tummy with no trouble at all--and on both sides at that!

(For the record, babies are suppose to double their birth weight by six months and triple the birth weight by one year. Kai was 2.61kg when he was born and he's now 7.9kg at four months.)


Cory said...

i think it's genetics. my 3 kids are all breastfed and they've NEVER been chubby. kai will turn out fine. like i told you, don't be too hard on yourself for not pressing on with breastfeeding kai. you can always breastfeed your next kid now that you know who to turn to and what to look out for. remember, you'll alawys have enough milk. always. you just have to work at it. and kai's doing great, despite being so "heavy". when he starts to crawl and toddle and then walk, the weight will slow down. :) you're doing great :)

Khay Mun said...

Thanks! I just have to keep telling myself that!!! :)


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