Monday, October 16, 2006

Kai visits People's Park

Kai was the VIP of People's Park when we brought him to visit my parents on Saturday. Mom brought him all over the place and he was carried by almost every shop keeper my mom knows on the second floor -- which is a lot!

You should also see the bustle of activities when Mom passed two pieces of cloth to be sewn into blankets over to the tailor. Because the tailor was busy, the neighbors selling Christian paraphernalia got involved. One hemmed the edges, another ironed the blankets. Everyone else crowded round to see the baby.

The second picture I have of Kai in this post was taken after the milk fight I had with him on Friday morning. It involved flying milk bottles and they weren't thrown by the mother.


chienway said...

The second picture of Kai is hilarious, especially with the background knowledge of the flying milk bottle story. He's still got the grumpy look too! =)

Cory said...

why is he fighting the bottles? he doesn't want to drink?

Khay Mun said...

He's a funny kid. Doesn't like to drink in the morning although his last feed the night before would have been at 10.30/11pm. (He's been sleeping through the night since he was three-months-old.) So every morning we'd play a "when does baby want to eat" game. Tried to fix a feeding schedule but it doesn't work. So on days where he absolutely doesn't want to eat, he'll struggle so much and push the bottle away so violently that if you're not holding it tight (it's hard when you've to manage a struggling baby), the bottle will get flung into the air.

Then shortly after you give up feeding him, he'll have his whole fist in his mouth. So he's hungry lah!

Thankfully, it happens mostly in the morning.


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