Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's viral not bacterial!

The pediatric dermatologist says it is a condition (yes, they do have a medical name for it but don't ask me to spell it) brought on by a virus infection. So there's no need for any antibiotic because it'll be of no use. So why did our pediatrician suggest bacteria infection in the first place? Apparantly it could be brought on by the inoculation and he did only get the problem after the jab--on both occasions.

Anyhow, we were extremely relieved after seeing the doctor. Well, at least I was, Terence was probably feeling justified; he didn't think it was bacterial in the first place.

I thought I'll just post this picture of Kai which we took about a month ago. We were thrilled to find a baby seat attached to the trolley in Cold Storage Jelita. Call us suaku but we never noticed daily amenities built for parents/child/baby until we became parents ourselves. Naturally, we couldn't resist taking a picture of Kai visiting the fresh vegetables aisle.

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Anonymous said...

Kai is very boyish. Glad he is ok.


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