Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fashion woes

How do you buy pants for a four-month-old baby with a close-to-one-year-old waistline? Pants for his age will be too tight; pants that fit his waist will be too long.

Ended up buying a pair of jeans for six- to nine-month-old babies from Oshkosh, and super elastic cotton pants and sweat pants for three- to six-month-old babies from Fox Baby.

Thank you Fashion God for Fox Baby. But can you do something about the abundance of cute, pink clothes for baby girls there? They've allocated close to 80% of their retail space to girls.

But if they brand their adult and kids wear as "Fox Women", "Fox Men" and "Fox Kids". Why Fox Baby?


Cory said...

babies: 0-12 mths
anything above 12 mths: fox kids.

oh just buy what kai's comfortable in, even if it's clothes for 7 mth olds. i haf quite the opposite problem you know :)

Khay Mun said...

Oops. Guess I should add that I'm referring to the usage of a singular noun rather than plural for Fox Baby... :)

Cory said...

btw, girls rule the fashion scene. in a few yrs, you'll be groaning about this more. :)


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