Friday, September 22, 2006

A little bothered

Kai's skin infection seems to be getting worse. It has now spread to his face. It's probably nothing serious and Terence thinks we should just continue giving him the antibiotics a little longer. But I AM bothered by the fact that my poor baby has skin problems, although this shouldn't have come as a surprise since Terence's side of the family seems to be plagued with eczema and other "itchy"-whatnot.

Kai must be getting used to being "stringed" because he hardly cried yesterday night when I gave him the medication and he was quiet in my arms this morning.

Anyhow, Terence just got off the phone with the pediatrician and she suggested changing medication--FOUR times a day (!) and it tastes more bitter (!!). I don't think I want to subject him to this since he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. (Having said that, we wonder if babies can scratch or even localise an itch!) She also suggested seeing a pediatric dermatologist. Terence says he'll take a look at Kai again tonight; but he's not too worried.

I suppose that's assuring but I am still a worried mom.


Cory said...

hey khay,
for what it's worth, my PD told me babies cant scratch or don't know what's itchiness till they are about 7 months. keep kai's skin well moisturised and stop using soap. cetaphil is gd :) mommies are always worried - that's our job :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Kai! I dont know much about babies, but I guess its good to see a specialist for this.


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