Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kai's Angry Birds piñata: It was whacked, stabbed, and ripped apart

Kai, beaming from cheek to cheek, with best friend Ian. Now that smile is the reason I spent many late nights on the piñata! Happy birthday my baby boy!

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that no one could give a straight answer on just how many layers are appropriate for a paper-mache piñata built for young children. I still don't have an answer but I know for sure, eight layers was too much. Our piñata was tough!

Before we let the children loose on the piñata, we asked all the adults at the party to guess how heavy the piñata was. So at least the bird was fondled by many pairs of gentle hands before it was abused. It weighed 2.2 kg, and we gave away a prize to the guest with the closest guess. (Congrats U-Jin!)

Then we hung it up again and the birthday boy was given the honor to be the first to hit the piñata.

But the piñata was so tough that it only suffered dents in its body. Although I used four ropes to hang the piñata with, Terence cut off two before the party (he thought two were enough). The ropes tore right through the piñata, and the bird fell to the floor intact. We then hung it back up by tying the rope around the bird's comb. (Whew! Disaster averted.)

Die, birdie, die! Or rather, break, birdie, break!

More whacking by the kids followed, but the bird just wouldn't give up its goodies. Drastic measures were needed. Terence took a kitchen knife and stabbed it multiple times.

Everything happened in a blur. It was just a split second, from tearing of the piñata to pouncing on the candies. (Photo courtesy of Eva Wong.)

By this time, even some of the big kids (i.e. the fathers) were hitting the bird. Finally, it was Alvin, Ian's daddy, who gave it to the bird. It ripped and fell to the ground with a thud, still without giving it up goodies! But before it could became a bad PR moment, Terence quickly picked it up, ripped it apart, and then there was a sudden downpour of sweets, confetti, and streamers all over the place. That's when the kids lost it and scrambled for the 'kill'. (Great crisis management, babe!)

Lovely Kate Lyn still quietly picking up candies long after the dust has settled.

No Angry Birds. Hello Kitty will have to do.

We gave goody bags for the children to store their treasures too.

Kit holding his first lollipop and me holding my treasure and an object that gave Kai another happy memory.

The hitting of the piñata was quite a laugh actually. Even the adults had fun. The next time (that is if I am mad enough to do it again!) I might do just five or six paper-mache layers. But then, the question is would it be strong enough to hold up 14-16 bags of sweets?

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Sew Country Chick said...

What a lovely party! It looked like so much fun! I'm making an angry birds pinata and found your great tutorial on Cute Food For Kids.Your is so perfect looking! Thanks!


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