Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rediscovering HortPark

Yo! Watsup?
Being a mother of two boys means I am out and about most of the time when the boys are out of school, finding places for them to run around, explore, get dirty and muddy, or just simply horse around in! I find myself going back to HortPark more frequently now despite Singapore's hot, balmy weather. It really is a lot of fun.

There is a pond right out in front where you can feed fishes. (They sell fish feeds in tiny capsules for S$1, but I bring my own big packet which we had bought from a fish farm.)

There are a few playgrounds inside the park that are suitable for both older and younger kids.

Then there's the lawn where the boys love kicking football in.

The lawn's really great to just roll around in too! :) There is also a Butterfly Garden in the park, which is a caged habitat for butterflies. Visitors are allowed to enter the Butterfly Garden from 9am to 12pm every last Saturday of each month. We were there on a weekday but still the boys could see the butterflies from the outside.

33 Hyderabad Road, off Alexandra Road


eva said...

Thanks for the details, yummy mum! Now I know where I'm taking the boy to next! :)

Growing Up said...

Yummy mum? Who's that? :p No problem. :)


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