Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doing the touristy thing: Sentosa's Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Sure, I wish there are more green spaces, child-friendly parks, and a lot more mountains to go trekking in Singapore. I also can't do anything about the hot and humid weather, which makes people just want to stay in the air-conditioned comfort of their home or the mall. But I have two boys to raise, and they need to RUN, explore, be silly. How do you do that in a city-state like Singapore?

Both husband and I are constantly finding things to do in Singapore to entertain our boys, and we have found places we enjoy and like. I recently brought the boys to Sentosa's Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, which I think most Singaporeans will think is lame, touristy, not to mention expensive (S$16 for adult; S$10 for child aged 3-12 years old). But seriously, it is very entertaining and it is easily a half-day trip that'll leave your kids tired and easy to put down for the afternoon nap. Perfect plan.

First, take the cable car to Sentosa from Mount Faber's The Jewel Box, which is novelty by itself for children. (There is now a family promotion: return cable car ride at S$42 for a family of three comprising two adults and one child aged 12 and below. For NTUC card members, be sure to bring your card along for a discount on the ride.) The ride will end at Sentosa's Imbiah lookout, which is where the park is located.

We have also been to the Butterfly Lodge that allows us to get up close to the butterflies. But the butterflies at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom are A LOT friendlier. Most butterflies in the park will stay still long enough for you to touch them, and some fly so close that you can feel the wind as their wings flutter through the air. Kai was brave enough this time, and touched a few butterflies that stayed as still as statues.

Stick insect 
What I found really interesting is the "Insect Kingdom" part of the park, which also allows you to get up close to the creepy crawlies living inside! It was especially fun for Kai, who got to see insects like scorpions and rhino beetles in real life, rather than from pictures or the Internet.

Rhino beetle

Leaf insect. It felt... well, like a leaf.
The park can really do with some upgrading as the facility is looking old but little children wouldn't know any better. I could tell that both boys really enjoyed themselves that day.

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