Friday, April 20, 2012

Our home entertainment 'system': The balcony

Yes! I am school-free the whole week because of HFMD! Hurray!
Before I could cheer at the good news that Kit does not have HFMD a second time round, Kai started running a fever over the weekend. On Tuesday, I checked him for the usual blisters and spots on the palms, feet, and throat; he was all clear. So I packed him off to school only to receive a call just before lunch that Kai has blisters in his mouth.

Hello HFMD.

Thankfully, Kai has a pretty mild case of HFMD. In fact, he is thrilled to be excused from school the rest of the week but boo for mummy who has to entertain two rascals for 12 hours over the next five days at home. (I decided to keep Kit at home too.)

Now, taking care of two active boys at home without a good entertainment plan is a sure road to disaster. There'll be fighting, cries of attention, rough housing, complaints about who did what to whom and how. I think I am pretty good at entertaining kids but for five days?! At home?

Well, it so happens that we have a big balcony, and this allows me to get creative. Waterplay is always a winner with the kids.

Then, one can also make bubbles and watch them fly into the sky!

Ah yes... next thing I know, the sun is setting and soon I can put the boys to bed! Woohoo!

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