Friday, April 13, 2012

HFMD (or not?) update

Father and son sitting by Bali's Beratan Lake where Ulun Danu Temple is located
Kit woke up with fever this morning but no blisters have presented. Dear husband says we will wait and observe one more day before confirming whether or not Kit has HFMD.

All's well otherwise. The boy is happy, cheerful, and ate his breakfast. In fact he's laughing at silly Bugs Bunny right now.

# # #

This picture (above) is one of my favorite pictures of father and son. We had just traveled an hour or more to arrive at the serene Ulun Danu Temple, which is built on Beratan Lake (a volcano lake). Both boys are pretty seasoned road trippers by now but Kit, being hyperactive, still gets very edgy from being cooped in the car for long hours. Instead of jumping into the lake after being 'released' from the confines of the car, he just sat and watched the waves lick the shores.

The Indonesians try to make it fun for children visiting the temple. There are statues to climb on.

Some scary.

Some not so scary.

There are paddle boats for family rides on the lake too.

Then the adults get to take in the scenery and history of the place. Definitely well worth a road trip. And I was surprised that Kai wrote about this temple in his school journal assignment!

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