Thursday, May 03, 2012

Giving thanks

There's time for play, even at dusk on the cold, windy beach in Gold Coast, Australia
I have been feeling a little... (I suppose the word is) sad the past few days. I saw a boy, probably around 7yo, having his tennis lesson. Nothing special about a boy having fun in the tennis court, all except that he has down's syndrome. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw him, so happy, so carefree.

As a mother, how many times have I worried over my boys' ability to overcome life's challenges? Countless. But looking at the down's boy in the tennis court remind me that no matter what issues my boys face, their issues are not going to be as hard or challenging as those faced by the boy (or by his mother) in front of me. Sure, I still fear for my boys, but I must thank God for giving us two happy, healthy, normal boys with normal, everyday challenges.

Finally, I love how William Blake captured a mother's thoughts in his "Cradle Song".

Sleep, sleep, beauty bright,
Dreaming in the joys of night;
Sleep, sleep; in thy sleep
Little sorrows sit and weep.

Sweet babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.

As thy softest limbs I feel,
Smiles as of the morning steal
O'er thy cheek, and o'er thy breast
Where thy little heart doth rest.

O the cunning wiles that creep
In thy little heart asleep!
When thy little heart doth wake,
Then the dreadful night shall break.

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