Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Passport photo: Time for an update!

Aw... so sweet. But eyes can't be seen.

Currently, Kai's passport photo looks nothing like the charming 3yo that he is now. :p Since we are going on a short family getaway in June, Terence thought it was prudent to update Kai's photo. There has been a lot of debate in the Singapore forum pages about why the Immigration and Checkpoint Authorities should not charge S$70--price of a new passport--for parents to update their children's passport. It's just an update; not like the child's passport is expired or close to expiring.

Now, a mug shot won't do either.

True. True. But Terence has many wise sayings (ha!), and this time he says: "We've paid the air fare. We've paid for the hotel. Just pay S$70 (so we won't get turned back at the checkpoint/s." All right....

Now. I don't know which is harder. Taking a picture of a toddler or of a baby. But trying to get a toddler to be serious in front of a camera for official purposes is HARD. Kai kept making funny faces or he smiled (so sweetly) that his eyes couldn't be seen. We need (or rather, I want) a passport photo that will be approved at first go.

He wanted to stick out his tongue.

Here are our attempts at taking a passport photo. Stay tuned for a photo that we submitted to the authorities!

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