Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Will we pass?

We're planning to bring Kai to Perth, Australia, in April to visit Francis and Cindy. So the immediate task is to apply for Kai's passport and as folks in my office know, I've been wailing about the problems of getting his passport photo done for a long time.

Two attempts have been made. His best photo from the first attempt had him looking like a convict. The best photo from the second attempt would probably be rejected too. The top of his head to his chin must measure between 25-35mm. But hey, it's very difficult to get it right ok! My mood got even darker after the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) passport application system hung on me RIGHT after I submitted the credit card details.

Terence said never mind. To make me feel better, he said we can just drive him to ICA and have his passport photo taken and papers processed--if we really have problems.

I'm going to call ICA tomorrow.

Best photo, first attempt

Best photo, second attempt (surely, it'll be rejected but we're crossing our fingers)

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