Sunday, November 15, 2009

A lazy Saturday morning at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

I've heard of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier at Portsdown Road for quite a while now. It is located in a place that doesn't sound at all Singaporean--Wessex Village Square, a name that reminds me of small, quaint European towns with cobblestone streets and romanesque water fountain in the middle of its square.

But it is far from that. The only thing that is remotely European are the black and white British colonial houses nearby. It also has a very relaxed, sleepy Aussie town vibe to it.

Although the restaurant is known for its desserts and chocolate drinks, its main courses are surprisingly good. My open face sandwich of goat's cheese came with bread that was soft and fresh. We ordered a waffle for Kai which came with rich chocolate sauce, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and fresh cream with vanilla bean in it. Priced at S$10-plus, it's definitely value for money.

Though the location is one of its charms, it's also a setback. It isn't easy to get to without your own transport. But Singaporeans are always travel for food, so it's definitely worth a taxi-ride there.

(Photos in this blog entry were taken using my mobile phone, so the photos really do not do the food real justice.)

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