Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby outfit

The most convenient thing to do at home is to grab whatever outfit is at the top of the pile and throw it onto the baby. That means a lot of outfits get recycled while those at the bottom, well stay at the bottom.

A few days ago, to my horror, I dug up a size "0000" onesie (one-piece baby suit) from the bottom of the pile that Kai has never worn and which Kit--being the size he is now--cannot wear. I also dug up a new "Magic Baby Swaddle" that I've only used once on Kit, and which is now too tight across the chest.

That sent me going through Kit's wardrobe with a frenzy. With him "growing like a weed" (quote, unquote a friend), I had better find any never-worn-before-outfits before they become obsolete. As a result, I uncovered a cute onesie^ a friend gave us yonks ago.

A rush of memory came back to me as I held that onesie from Dolphin Discovery Centre. I still remembered the biting cold that greeted me on 26 March 2007 when I opened the car door and ran from the centre's carpark with then 9 month old Kai, who fell sick during our first trip to Perth. He was such a baby then and how fast he's grown.

Parents, hold the memory of your children close. Everything that happens, happens only once in a lifetime.

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Cory said...

oh dear, i didn't mean anything by the growing like a weed comment. it's just the kids grow so fast!


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