Monday, January 14, 2008

A bicycle built for two

Terence spent close to S$600 on two new bicycles, a toddler seat and helmet, and one bicycle rack (for the car) over a period of two weeks. He did everything; all I had to do was to pick the colour of my bicycle.

That was how determined he was in getting my butt back onto a bicycle seat. No complains. He literally did everything, plus it was one of the reasons why we wanted to live near the beach anyway.

Kai loves the rides, but we do need to refine how we prepare for the trips. It took Terence 15-20 minutes to set up the rack and place the two bicycles in the most optimal position. By that time, I have a cranky kid in hand who's growing increasingly frustrated by the minute. So even before the actual exercise, Terence is perspiring, I'm aching from restraining and managing Kai, and Kai is all hot and bothered from not being able to get onto the bike.

Then worse, by the time we get to the beach, it starts to drizzle.

It explains why I have no picture of the bicycles, the rack with the bikes, or the toddler seat. So it's just us at the beach, before we went off riding into the sunset with the Tays.

Take heart. We only went twice. I'm pretty sure we'll wisen up.


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