Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby socks fashion

I spied these baby socks on a newborn when Kai was crawling and learning how to run. (He wanted to switch immediately from first gear to fifth.) It looked like the baby was wearing real shoes and I LURVE them (the ribbons are not printed; they are actually laces).

It didn't make sense to buy them for Kai then. So if I ever had the chance, I'd get them for my friends' babies and the best thing is, they come in all sorts of patterns! You have Mary Janes, ballet shoes, sandals, cowboy boots etc.

Mothers Work keeps stock of these cute socks, and I bought them for our second baby. Lucky kid; this is one item that wouldn't be a hand-me-down from big brother. Do check out the other adorable patterns they have in store (at Great World City).

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