Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gastronomic tour of Penang: Where's the best Ais Kacang?

Ais Kacang at Kek Seng Coffeeshop along Penang Road

The weather in Singapore is just so unbearable these days. And it hadn't been fun the past weeks as Kai was down with a viral fever four days straight. Subsequently, I was down with a fever for four days.

Back to the business of food blogging... It is the weather that made me think about the Ais Kacang, we had in Penang recently. It comes with two scoops of homemade durian ice cream (slurp) and a jelly. I kick myself for losing the piece of paper where I scribbled the pricing, but I remembered it didn't cost much.

It had the right amount of milk to satisfy the sweet tooth and the durian ice cream was smooth, flavorful. We gulped down everything in seconds because it was melting so fast in the heat! (Penang laksa
lovers note: Kek Seng is reported to have one of the best Penang laksas.)

Noteworthy: Really the best? Well, Kek Seng Coffeeshop is apparantly 40-50 years old, and I read it was THE place to eat in the past. Google Ais Kacang Penang and Kek Seng (and the durian ice cream) will come back as one of the best places to to enjoy the dessert.

We liked it. If not for the durian ice cream, but for the whole experience of sitting in that old world coffeeshop whose furnishings looked like it's never changed for decades.

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