Monday, June 01, 2009

Gastronomic tour of Penang: Surprise finds

Sometimes, I tell Terence, can we just forget about chasing down that darn restaurant/kopitiam recommended by whoever and just EAT.

This usually happens after we've walked around for what seems like hours in search of that famous whatever at wherever.

This is how we found the Goh Thew Chik Hainan chicken rice^ along Chulia Street--by surprise. The chicken was melt-in-your-mouth soft, and the rice was fragrant without being too oily. The only minus was perhaps the sauce, which was a little salty for our liking.

Then as we were walking back to Komtar, we saw this long queue^ that was snaking out of an alley. No one in the line seemed bothered by the hot sun beating down their back. The food must be very good to risk a heat stroke.

Line Clear along Jalan Penang supposedly serves one of the best Nasi Kandar (rice with side dishes). We squeezed past the crowd to reveal a roadside kitchen with cooks surrounded by big, boiling pots of curry.

This will definitely be another pit stop for us the next time we go back to Penang.

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