Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walking Mandy

The weekend started with much cheer, with Frank and Cin announcing the arrival of Ben, the third addition to the Tay family!

Then it was off to the zoo with the Chows, but plans for a bike ride with them on Sunday was derailed due to a minor accident in Vivocity on Saturday evening.

Amidst the brouhaha of the evening, I found that Kai took a liking to my necklace aka Mandy. Despite being made of wood, Mandy is a rocker chick dressed in a retro T and sports an afro-hair. He insisted on bringing Mandy for a 'walk' through Vivocity.

Then on Sunday, he dragged Mandy facedown over our pillows, made her slide down the pillow head down, and took her for a walk in the bedroom. He sure knows how to treat girls right.


Jorina said...

hahaha! kai is so funny! the hilarious things our boys say or do. told ian papa is in paris. and he kept saying "parrot parrot".

i think you and terence should consider opening a child weekend activity centre. you are always coming up with creative things to do with a toddler, you can earn money from it!

Khay Mun said...

Ha ha! Thanks! But you won't believe how many plain vanilla weekends we've had; parents would be asking for refund soon!

Any other interesting places you've visited with Ian? I'm running out of ideas!

Jorina said...

hmmm i think you are better than me with "interesting places". there's a fish farm in pasir ris that kelvin told me about, where the kids are try their hand at fishing. i haven't brought ian there yet.

nowadays ian loves to go to supermarkets, so we've been bringing him there!


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