Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Flying high on memories that last

Call me suaku but I never knew kites can fly even at such low heights when the wind is strong enough

Next to thinking that Ministry of Sound is actually a church, I have another confession to make: I've only flown a kite once, and I was a teenager by then.

My parents are not the sporty type or perhaps for the lack of opportunity, we never flew any kites when we were young. I can't remember the occasion, I only remembered standing in a field and my dad showed me how to control a kite. It wasn't even our kite.

Memories of when you were growing up. They are such strange things.

I think it is cool that Terence knows how to fly a kite, and that my son will grow up learning how to fly one.

But he must learn not to let go of the string when the kite is high up in the sky, which he did to our dismay.

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