Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our second cottage

After the Great Ocean Road, we took almost a day (with breaks in between) to drive up towards the Grampians. Terence took the recommendation of the Lonely Planet guide and booked us into our second cottage--D'Altons Resort. It is the rustic version of the luxurious cottage at Apollo Bay, and it's great in a outdoorsy, rough-it-out kinda way.
You are suppose to be able to see wild Kangaroos around your cottage, but all we saw were Roo droppings.

Despite the cold, Terence insisted on firing up the Barbie which he enjoyed immensely. We had wonderful steaks and wine for two nights in a row.

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Quasimodo said...

Khay???? OMG!!! It's Martin here. Check your Facebook page will you?


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