Thursday, May 15, 2008

The otoro that changed the man

Terence hated (note the past tense) Sushi Tei, so I thought I was walking next to a man who's not my husband when he said ok to eating there after Saara's birthday party.

The latest outlet is at Playground@BigSplash and... they've got cheap (SHH!!!) otoro sushi. Now, otoro is the choicest, most oily and therefore best part of the tuna belly. So Terence fell off his chair when he saw it was priced at S$(call me to find out). The picture I have above definitely does not do justice to the grade of otoro they serve at this Sushi Tei outlet.

Another of our favourite is the beef kaminabe ^ with the spicy soup. It's hot, it's tasty and they serve it with very well-marbled beef. (We took out the beef from the pot, so it won't cook till it's too well done silly.)

And the wine, it's S$7 a glass for their house pour. Don't turn up your nose at the word "house pour". They have been serving us French wine the last two occasions we were there. I'm not saying they serve French=expensive wine at cheap prices. There are very affordable French wines, which are very easy on the palate and the restaurant seemed to have picked really good ones as house pours.

I know there are some bloggers who've been complaining about the food at this particular outlet. Perhaps because Terence and I are not the conveyor belt sushi pickers, we've managed to shortlist quite a few items that we like. C'mon, even Terence is a convert so what does it say about the place. Try it; let us know!

902 East Coast Parkway
#01-06 Big Splash Blk B

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