Sunday, April 13, 2008

Never an ice cream cake

Kai attended his classmate's birthday party today at Frisk 'n' Romp Kids' Play Club at Playground@BigSplash. It seems to be operated by the same folks from My Gym, unless some employee decided to leave My Gym and entice a group of staff to join in at the new venture.

That aside, there was one thing we learnt from the party today:

Don't order an ice cream cake. If your kid asks for one, try to desuade him. It'd be frozen and your kid wouldn't be able to cut the cake. Worse, you would have to expand plenty of effort cutting the cake for the clamouring kids.

Kai was a little too young for the activities, but he enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. Terence and I peered out of the window, saw what they would be serving the kids: fried chicken, french fries, water melon and honeydew. I suppose it's tough being the host. You have to serve the stuff that kids love, and placate parents at the same time.
It is hard work organising events and playing the host. But the mummy of the birthday girl was absolutely wonderful. She knew Kai's name, and asked how he was doing because "Oh, Saara told me he was sick and maybe he can't come to my party." It was really, really sweet of her and she never once looked frazzled!

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