Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's day weekend

Mother's day came and went like a blur.

Saturday: Alone with Kai. He has a fever, again. Temperature varies anywhere from 38-39+ degree celcius the whole day. All I can remember is taking temperature, stuffing Voltaren, pondering if Dharmol could be administered rather than Voltaren, how Dharmol could be administered without causing distress to both mother and child, and if he'd hate me next time because we sometimes spiked his milk with Dharmol...

Afternoon: Mini outing to Borders at Parkway Parade before we both went mad with boredom.

Night: Had to deal with feverish, shivering toddler. Nothing pleases him. Unlike Terence who can get right back to sleep the minute his head touches the pillow, sleep eludes me everytime I wake up.

Fed up at 4am; wanted to blog. Ended up chatting with Martin, ex-classmate via Facebook on how one deals with sick kids! Alas. Kai started crying again. Refused to sleep, so entertained him with his own video.

# # #

Sunday: Plans to bring Kai to the zoo--scrapped. Had dimsum at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Parkway Parade. Stayed home the rest of the day. Debated about going to the PD, Terence got annoyed with the whole immediate Tan clan who brings their kids/grandsons to Kinderclinic at Siglap Centre but never took a card with clinic opening hours on it.

Hunted for stethescope. Lost. I got annoyed with "in-house doctor". Isn't a stethescope to a doctor like a pen is to a journalist?

Then fever, Voltaren, fever, sleep, Voltaren... wine (for us)... put him to sleep, sigh of relief, dinner (pizza) arrived, Kai woke up screaming, sigh, carried Kai while eating dinner, lost appetite, Kai ate orange, sleep...

# # #

OK, there were two happy moments:

1. I left him in his room while I escaped to the living room for a second to scan through the Saturday headlines. Was absorbed by a report when I realised he hasn't come out from his room, demanding for attention.

Took a peek: My little boy has been pulling up books from his growing collection, and was reading to himself! He flipped the pages, babbling along the way, closed the book, then took another book, flipped and babbled.

Amidst the babble, I'd hear words from the book: trouble truck, push!, star, giant, etc.

So proud of him...

2. After babbling and shoving a book in the face of his mummy for the past five minutes, as she struggles to get him into his pyjamies, he surprised his mummy by finally bursting these three words: Read this book!

I was stunned. It's the first time I've heard him put three words together to form a sentence, and say it with clarity.

So, so proud of him...

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